The Snowdon 6 Ways Challenge was introduced to us by our good friend Ali Hollest who originally completed it in September 2020 as his unique ultra-marathon, something that had never been done or recorded before. The Snowdon 6 Ways Challenge (S6WC) was created as a bit of fun but very quickly grew into an amazing opportunity to create something so positive out of tragedy. After finding out of the tragic loss of his old friend and colleague Milo, who tragically took his own life at the age of 27, the natural thing for Ali to do was run the S6WC to raise valuable funds, awareness for mental health and suicide prevention as well as trying to reduce the stigma around the often-dodged topics.

Deciding to take up the mantle again this year, Ali graciously chose to support Beyond Six after the passing of Mick, our Beacon of the North, in February 2021 to his own mental health struggles.

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Unfortunately, due to serious injury, Ali had to pull out of the S6WC, but all was not lost, as is the Beyond Six way, Rory has stepped up and is taking on the challenge himself, along with the full support of the Beyond Six team.

Our Snowdon 6 Ways Challenge is raising money and awareness of mental health related problems so that nobody must suffer in silence anymore. We need to prevent more men and women, just like Mick, from taking their own lives.

The S6WC comprises walking the 6 major routes of the mountain, 78km/49 miles and over 5200m of ascent. Given the nature of the duration, some of the run will be in the dark too, so please, give generously!

You can follow all of Rory's training progress on instagram @beyondsix_

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