Welcome to Beyond SIX, originally founded by chance, circumstance etc. there is likely a hundred words to explain or justify the beginning. The fact is, it began and continued from strength to strength from its original humble beginnings late 2019. So how and why? I can only really say the defined answer is ‘Community’ – For years I had known that I was suffering from PTSD and friends in my very small circle had
noticed varied signs that I had chosen to ignore and I adapted to continue.


Late in 2019, I decided I wanted to make a change and affectively deal with my situation, I felt I had the coping mechanics to go ‘always a little further’ and challenge myself. So, after reviewing various social network apps, I landed on Instagram with one simple goal – record my thoughts, my
achievements and failures, like a diary for reflection
and to see how I was progressing. 


I set the account to public, purely by mistake and went on to record my challenges, adventures, my highs and lows. It soon become apparent as I gained followers (which I'd rather call NEW Friends); that my posts, stories and such were gaining a lot of interest and the circle grew 1k, 2k and on to 5k in less than a few months. I had gone from being a personal diary to interaction, discussions and more with the new ‘Community’ I had
drawn into and there were many more like me out there.


Two such people drew my attention, Rory, aka Epic and Rishi (both) had strong accounts
and both were very much my people and we often chatted about life, love and mystery of direction. 


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Two key points I remember from late / early 2019 – 2020 was a discussion with Rishi about the idea of taking what had become a large community following and progressing to beyond a personal account to involve more people. I was in totally agreement and we set to look at ways forward. At a similar time, Epic was drawing battle plans to / or not, to return to a challenge (100km) he had failed and suffered some serious physical and mental pain previously. This seemed a perfect option for me to step in and support a friend. I still remember the call and remember we were still only online friends and had never spoken on the phone or met beforehand. 

“Epic” – Yes “Simple Question, are you Going to DO it or NOT Do it, there is no MAYBE” – I’ll do it 

And so, the return of the 100km was set in motion and the gathering began.

The ethos of Beyond SIX has always been railed by a simple statement – You can’t remove the PAST so you carry it on your BACK (SIX)* but you can still move FORWARD (Beyond) and so the name Beyond SIX was founded. Other stepping stones were developed over time, which has built on the foundations,
but the basic principle remains – YOU can, Always go a Little Further


I am not keen on the go HARD or Go Home and the B6 ethos should not be confused with such; what we are stating and have proven over and over again is that – we understand the struggles, they will never truly go away, but together as a community we can watch each other’s six, share the load and work together taking whatever pace is needed to move forward, as long as we go forward - #weareoneweareall 

A lot has changed since its early begins and B6 has now developed into a Community Interest Company to serve the ethos better. I personally felt my journey within the group was at a turning point after the loss of a Beacon in 2021 and took a step back and handed the reins to Rory and his team but I’m always on hand for my friends when I am called upon. 

Who am I? Simply HUGHESY – my story is made of many struggles and challenges and my past is dark but lined with success. This isn’t my stories end, but the beginning of Beyond SIX.