Suicide is the biggest killer in men and women below the age of 35 and the single leading killer of men below the age of 45. 

Beyond Six CIC is a community interest company founded in 2021 following the loss of our friend and beacon of the north, Mick, to suicide. 

What initially brought the team at Beyond Six together was our shared love of the outdoors and the healing powers of it and so we use the great outdoors as the main focus of our work by providing guided hikes, events and retreats for people of all ages and we aim to build a community of likeminded people.

We are committed to ending the stigma surrounding suicide and normalising the conversation of suicide within society. We believe that education is key and hope to raise awareness for all of the resources currently available out there, to help equip people with the necessary skills to recognise and respond to suicidal behaviour. 


One of the easiest ways for us as a CIC to achieve and undertake this mission is through our outdoor wellbeing walks and events. With an ever growing community of people from all walks of life, joining us and talking about their own experiences, lessons and knowledge, we continue to lessen the stigma of suicide, keep the conversation going and spread the word further. 


We provide free monthly wellbeing walks utilising the beautiful outdoors we have here in the UK as our greatest resource. Our community is growing continuously as more and more people are joining us physically on our walks but also within our social media community. 


We also help people to achieve their own personal goals and challenges within the outdoors. Be it The National 3 Peaks, a set distance challenge, or anything else, we will help to support, encourage and enable people to complete their goals.